Autumn Leaves in winter

2014-12-07_2006There are mornings we stir, but do not stem. Though the darkness has faded and the engines of life pulse rhythmically in their waiting, we lie still; for the hour seems all too raw, and the light has yet to break upon the pane.

We lie in remembrance of when our hearts would thrive, when we would quickly dress and race to seize the day. Now we simply search for dreams, to enliven, to once more ascend that tree where as a child we rose above our earthly view. Oh’ the things we saw! How the brilliant sun shimmered within our eyes, how our bruises abated quickly. But we were young, you and I.

We become like a mind that has forgotten its path, like a great design that has been closed away inside a drawer, because we had no place for it left within our hearts. We are lost and falling, neither broken nor whole, suspended in our thoughts. We are leaves in the air, swept by wayward winds, treasuring our last embrace. We are afraid to rest. So we remain there in our bed of morning, listening, whispering, I still love you so.~

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Yes. There has been lull in my words as I find my foothold once more. Honestly, it has been quite difficult to stand after my recent setback. However, I am determined to change that in the coming months. My educational studies are ending, the holiday season is here, and I still have many thoughts to share.

Life has taught me new lessons. It’s time to change many aspects of my life to harmonize with those new views.  So I’ve decided first to remodel my book of poetry, essentially reshaping it to praise the many colors of my daughter’s life. It will be entirely updated to reflect the beauty that was her. Along with a revised cover, which I have posted, there will be extensive additions to its content. I think that readers will embrace it considerably as I imbue it with the emotions of Tara’s vitality. It will also serve as a medium for me to remain close to her. I will endeavor to make it as brilliant as she was herself.

I realize that many people have asked when they can read it. Well, my plan is to have it available in both digital and book form by February. I have several other activities that need to be finalized in the meantime. But rest assured, I will do my best to deliver it to you by then.

The Story of Us should then be available by mid-summer.  Thank you so much for the support and Merry Christmas..!