Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

In a winter’s breath;

I’m not ready for the cold.


Barren elmsColor tree

Shed their crimson coats,

Once spun from treasured gold.


Burn brilliant

Smiling face of flames;

Burst forth color and desire


Warm to touch,

Sweet silvery stems

Yet no branch to hold its fire.


Children play;

Even on this day,

Beneath showers of floating light.


While I lost

Fray in this fury

To wane this world of ever white.


On my knees,

Gathering last parts

The winds too swift to overrun.



In a new blue box

That could never hold half the sun.


Autumn leaves

On a fading wind,

Your scent, your sound, your blush embrace!



In my heart and mind

Passing from this mortal place.


Fall as rain

On frozen petals

I kiss the doorway they adorn


Silent now

Deep within its bed

In the soil from which it’s born