Imagine the Unimaginable

I would like to say that I’ve passed through my agony and I can move on. But I don’t think that I will ever get over my daughter’s absence now; nor do I think I would ever want to. As writers, we are afflicted and empowered by weighty moments within life.  They give realism even into fiction, a feeling that readers can relate to. But one must be encouraged to use those experiences expressively, and with whom better than other authors.


M. Daly

There is a new site, with quite the talented host, that zealously challenges my pensiveness. Imagine the Possibilities is a literary gathering point crafted to promote aspiring authors.  Created by the inventive artist, Margaret Daly, published poet and freelance writer, the site’s drive is to inspire and promote one another’s works. After all, it is difficult to impartiality advocate your own work. And just because it may not be what’s “prominent” right now, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Let’s face it, most literary classics were far from mainstream.

I remember taking an online writing course with some 20 others across the country.  Each week would post a sample of a story based upon a particular idea. The postings could be commented on by everyone in the course. The sheer variety and creativity of those stories was amazing. So much in fact, that it created new stories within my own mind. Plus the comments helped to alter the story ideas to perfection.

So I think that Margaret has a very prolific idea with her site. As I continue to write The Story of Us, I hope to absorb ideas from these other featured writers. Certainly ever author is an individual with original ideas. But the purpose of writing is to convey those ideas into a recognizable and relatable story for others to enjoy. I’m not necessarily one to share my own thoughts, yet sometimes doing so generates an unimaginable masterpiece. So, just Imagine the Possibilities